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~ Friday, August 10 ~

I finished the track that my boi Clay and I started, trip out.

Tags: bad cash clay10 markets heavy idm psychedelic eli iron mic i did it weed bong envy soundcloud electronic synthesizer
~ Friday, December 30 ~

Jonti - Hornet’s Nest

Jonti playing his song Hornet’s Nest live

Tags: jonti hornet's nest psychedelic chill chillwave beat beatpad sampler akai apc mpc electronic synthesizer modular semi-modular ableton midi
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~ Saturday, July 30 ~

Vega - She’s Electric

Tags: 80's 80s chill chillwave sega synth synthesizer vega vocoder wave electronic
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~ Saturday, June 25 ~

Dam-Funk - Mirrors

Another fucking awesome tune.

Tags: dam-funk mirrors funk african american electronic idm art fuck synth synthesizer
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Jonti - Nightshift in Blue

Good lord, amazing.

Tags: jonti nightshift in blue electronic synth synthesizer experimental chill stoner fuck
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~ Monday, May 30 ~

Slugabed is such a heavy producer. This will make your head nod.

Tags: slugabed heavy beats heavy beats dubstep electronic synthesizers synth synths synthesizer weed 420 joint rave
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