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~ Tuesday, February 12 ~

Times New Viking - Fuck Her Tears

Tags: finally new posts times new viking fuck her tears rock garage rock indie punk seapony hipster garbage stoner high bong blunt weed smoke weed doobie joint marijuana cannabis summer good music great music
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~ Wednesday, April 11 ~

Strawberry Alarm Clock - Curse of the Witches

Tags: alarm beach boys beatles clock curse experimental jam jam band pink floyd psych psychedelic sample sampler stoner strawberry synth weed witches rock
~ Sunday, March 11 ~

Flying Lotus - Fall In Love

Beautiful shit!

Tags: flying lotus j dilla tribute big beat heavy bass stoner bong weed music beautiful
~ Tuesday, December 6 ~

Redman - Tonight’s Da Night

Tags: redman rap hip hop tonights da night wu tang wu tang clan stoner blunt blunted marijuana weed
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~ Wednesday, August 24 ~

Markets - The Man With Three Brains

A new track I just finished up yesterday, I’d love it if you all checked it out/reblogged and told me what you thought. 

Tags: best coast boards of canada chill chillwave chimes idm markets melancholy memoryhouse psychedelic reverb sad stoner toro y moi wave weed triphop
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~ Saturday, July 30 ~

Lockbox - Wallowa (Guld Version)

Tags: lockbox lo fi lo-fi stoner pschedelic space 2010 chill psychedelic cool electronic

Acid Flashback - Big Dream

treats for all 

Tags: acid flashback chill wave chillwave lsd lysergic acid diethylamide weed stoner
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Seapony - Late Summer

Tags: sea pony seapony chillwave indie girl chill wave beach stoner weed
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~ Friday, July 22 ~

Blank Dogs - Tin Birds

Keeping the indie music coming tonight, enjoy.

Tags: blank dogs tin birds pandora music video indie chill rock stoner
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Best Coast - When I’m With You

Another treat for my followers

Tags: best coast when i'm with you ronald mcdonald chillwave chill indie california lofi weed stoner marijuana surf pop mexican summer wichita records Bethany Cosentino
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