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Brother Space
~ Sunday, June 2 ~

Blu - My Sunshine

Tags: blu my sunshine hip hop rap
~ Friday, May 31 ~

Clear Soul Forces - Get No Better

Tags: hip hop detroit clear soul forces get no better rap
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~ Thursday, May 30 ~

The Underachievers - Herb Shuttles

Dem fuckin’ rhymes.

Tags: the underachievers herb shuttles hip hop rap
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~ Wednesday, May 29 ~

The Purist & Danny Brown - Jealousy

Also such a nasty beat and video.

Tags: danny brown fools gold fool's gold pee hole guitar hero nigga trap the purist london detroit biggie smalls hip hop rap
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~ Saturday, February 16 ~

Chief Keef - I don’t Like

Shit goes hard,

Tags: chief keef i dont like snitch nigga bitch nigga fuck nigga hip hop rap pop
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~ Tuesday, February 12 ~

Finally posting some new shit. I don’t remember the last time I was on Tumblr. Anyways, hope everyone that’s following enjoys!

This is Pusha T ft. Troy Ave - Road Runner

Tags: pusha t troy ave road runner rap hip hop pop rap pop shade45 wrath of caine hood blunt blunt music crack cocaine marijuana cannabis weed smoke bong doobie joint kendric lamar a$ap rocky drake eminem 50 cent lil b based god chief keef young jeezy
~ Wednesday, May 23 ~

J. Cole - See World

Tags: j cole see world tupac biggie smalls nas notorious big rap hip hop west coast east coast a tribe called quest wu tang weed smoke green marijuana stay high
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~ Thursday, December 8 ~

King Britt feat. Capitol A - Caught Out (There)

Tags: king britt hip hop lo-fi caught out there chill as fuck weed music kicking it bong water flow rap watchu know mobb deep people under the stairs cannabis weed
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~ Tuesday, December 6 ~

Redman - Tonight’s Da Night

Tags: redman rap hip hop tonights da night wu tang wu tang clan stoner blunt blunted marijuana weed
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DJ K.O. & Ponte - Ladder of Success

Tags: DJ K.O. Ponte ladder of success hip hop rap chill people under the stairs weed marijuana cannabis
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