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~ Sunday, September 1 ~

The Lucid Dream - Love In My Veins

Forever modern psychedelic

Tags: psychedelic rock modern the lucid dream lucid dream garage rock peace love cannabis sour deisel lsd mushrooms shrooms psylocybin psylocibin
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~ Tuesday, August 14 ~

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele

Chilll stuff.

Tags: dent may & his magnificent ukulele chill pawtracks animal collective tickley feather psychedelic chillin
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~ Friday, August 10 ~

I finished the track that my boi Clay and I started, trip out.

Tags: bad cash clay10 markets heavy idm psychedelic eli iron mic i did it weed bong envy soundcloud electronic synthesizer
~ Wednesday, August 8 ~

Puttin up my own music for you to listen to if you wanttt.

Tags: markets james veeder gameboy camera gameboy chip tunes chip idm psychedelic mellow
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~ Tuesday, August 7 ~

Black Lips - M.I.A.

Am I in my mind or am I M.I.A?
Am I in my soul or am I M.I.A?
Am I going the right way in my head?

Tags: black lips M.I.A. flower punk drugs punk high weed marijuana cannabis music fuck yeah psychedelic
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~ Monday, May 7 ~

The Tropics - As Time’s Gone


Tags: 1966 acid as time's gone blues bong counter culture funk garage rock hippie lsd marijuana psychedelic tropics weed 1960
~ Thursday, May 3 ~

The Drag Set - Day and Night

Forever psychedelic.

Tags: 1967 420 60's 60s acid blunt bong day and night drag drag set garage rock jim morrison lsd mushrooms paul mccartney pipe psychedelic set stay high the beatles the doors weed weed smoke rock
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~ Wednesday, April 11 ~

Strawberry Alarm Clock - Curse of the Witches

Tags: alarm beach boys beatles clock curse experimental jam jam band pink floyd psych psychedelic sample sampler stoner strawberry synth weed witches rock
~ Tuesday, April 10 ~

The Count Five - Psychotic Reaction

Psychedelic jams from ‘66.

Tags: 1966 1967 1968 1969 acid guitar harmonica hippie hippy jam band love lsd marijuana mushrooms music old peace psychedelic psychotic reaction stoned the count five trip weed garage rock rock 1960
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~ Friday, December 30 ~

Jonti - Hornet’s Nest

Jonti playing his song Hornet’s Nest live

Tags: jonti hornet's nest psychedelic chill chillwave beat beatpad sampler akai apc mpc electronic synthesizer modular semi-modular ableton midi
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