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~ Sunday, September 1 ~

The Lucid Dream - Love In My Veins

Forever modern psychedelic

Tags: psychedelic rock modern the lucid dream lucid dream garage rock peace love cannabis sour deisel lsd mushrooms shrooms psylocybin psylocibin
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~ Thursday, June 13 ~

Alex Bleeker & The Freaks - Down Look Down

Some cool indie rock shit. Check it out, it’s chill!

Tags: alex bleeker and the freaks alex bleeker freaks indie rock folk chill dont look down guitar drums bass vocals peace love weed marijuana sirius xmu
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~ Saturday, February 16 ~

Israel Vibration - The Same Song

This is the kinda music that makes me feel like everything’s going to be alright no matter how hard my world is crashing in on me. What peaceful vibes.

Tags: israel vibration same song reggae dub 1978 roots marijuana cannabis peace peaceful love mellow dont commit suicide
~ Monday, May 7 ~

The Misunderstood - Children of the Sun

Tags: 1960s children counter culture fuck hippie hippies hippy hippys lsd mind misunderstood peace regions sexy smoke this to weed garage rock
~ Tuesday, April 10 ~

The Count Five - Psychotic Reaction

Psychedelic jams from ‘66.

Tags: 1966 1967 1968 1969 acid guitar harmonica hippie hippy jam band love lsd marijuana mushrooms music old peace psychedelic psychotic reaction stoned the count five trip weed garage rock rock 1960
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~ Monday, December 26 ~

Iron Butterfly - 1969 In A Gadda Da Vida

Havin’ a psychedelic morning.

Tags: psychedelic white rabbit acid lsd mushrooms dmt dimethyltryptamine stoned weed bong drugs doobie jefferson airplane led zepplin old school old school video effects chill groove funk peace 1960s acid test
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