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~ Tuesday, April 10 ~

The Count Five - Psychotic Reaction

Psychedelic jams from ‘66.

Tags: 1966 1967 1968 1969 acid guitar harmonica hippie hippy jam band love lsd marijuana mushrooms music old peace psychedelic psychotic reaction stoned the count five trip weed garage rock rock 1960
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~ Sunday, March 11 ~

Flying Lotus - Fall In Love

Beautiful shit!

Tags: flying lotus j dilla tribute big beat heavy bass stoner bong weed music beautiful
~ Thursday, December 8 ~

King Britt feat. Capitol A - Caught Out (There)

Tags: king britt hip hop lo-fi caught out there chill as fuck weed music kicking it bong water flow rap watchu know mobb deep people under the stairs cannabis weed
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~ Thursday, August 4 ~

Kasparian - Opus VI

This song is so god damn good.

Feel it. 

Tags: Kasparian opus VI lofi chill washed out toro y moi electronics sample beats beat beautiful grain lo-fi lo fi hipster music weed marijuana dope drugs psychedelic sewer greats
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~ Monday, March 28 ~

Blockhead - The Music Scene

So very reminiscent of an acid or mushroom trip. Movement so delayed and slow and colorful. I had to post this video.

Tags: blockhead electronic psychedelic the music scene music scene trippy trip lsd mushrooms colors beats heavy beat