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~ Monday, May 7 ~

The Misunderstood - Children of the Sun

Tags: 1960s children counter culture fuck hippie hippies hippy hippys lsd mind misunderstood peace regions sexy smoke this to weed garage rock
~ Monday, April 9 ~

Hyetal - Lake Silver

Tags: IDM chill wave weed smoke 420 relax colorful beautiful lush chip chiptunes bong weed bombay portugal port fuck sex sexy albert water hyetal lake silver
~ Thursday, December 8 ~

King Britt feat. Capitol A - Caught Out (There)

Tags: king britt hip hop lo-fi caught out there chill as fuck weed music kicking it bong water flow rap watchu know mobb deep people under the stairs cannabis weed
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~ Saturday, June 25 ~

Dam-Funk - Mirrors

Another fucking awesome tune.

Tags: dam-funk mirrors funk african american electronic idm art fuck synth synthesizer
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Jonti - Nightshift in Blue

Good lord, amazing.

Tags: jonti nightshift in blue electronic synth synthesizer experimental chill stoner fuck
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~ Friday, June 10 ~

I’ve been feeling really hateful lately. I don’t know if this is fueling the fire or releasing my anger, but enjoy.

Tags: hardcore rotting out hate fuck you tripleb