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~ Sunday, September 9 ~

Atlas Sound - Scraping Past

Tags: atlast sound mad jams scraping past chill deerhunter rock electronic bass guitar
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~ Friday, August 10 ~

I finished the track that my boi Clay and I started, trip out.

Tags: bad cash clay10 markets heavy idm psychedelic eli iron mic i did it weed bong envy soundcloud electronic synthesizer
~ Friday, December 30 ~

Jonti - Hornet’s Nest

Jonti playing his song Hornet’s Nest live

Tags: jonti hornet's nest psychedelic chill chillwave beat beatpad sampler akai apc mpc electronic synthesizer modular semi-modular ableton midi
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~ Sunday, July 31 ~
Permalink Tags: sewer greats sewer greats psychedelic electronic indie underground idm lofi lo fi lo-fi weed marijuana white owl brown emptyspa-a-ace Dreamsurfer Never Alone KYNAN Open Your Eyes Glass Popcorn ed hardy Fire For Effect Ode 2 Gerudo Gerudo Teams MVP Laserdisc Visions Waterfall Voyeur G o S l o w
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~ Saturday, July 30 ~

Lockbox - Wallowa (Guld Version)

Tags: lockbox lo fi lo-fi stoner pschedelic space 2010 chill psychedelic cool electronic

Vega - She’s Electric

Tags: 80's 80s chill chillwave sega synth synthesizer vega vocoder wave electronic
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~ Friday, July 29 ~

Rivka - Birdly Love

Great song



RIVKA - “Birdly Love”

Slow moving, colourful visuals from the 1990 film “Angel III: The Final Chapter” frame RIVKA’s blissful gem “Birdly Love”. The track is off RIVKA’s Self titled album RIVKA available for free over at Bandcamp. (Video edited by Popular Culture Shaman)

Previously: [MP3] “Kid Animal”

two friends of mine. same city .. great music..

Tags: rivka birdly love chill wave chillwave experimental idm electronic psychedelic colors pop culture shaman
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~ Friday, July 22 ~

Toro Y Moi - Talamak

Some good ‘ol Toro Y Moi

Tags: toro y moi talamak chillwave chill wave carpark records carpark records stoner marijuana electronic 2010
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~ Monday, July 18 ~

Some video experimentation that I did to a short new track.

Tags: psychedelic markets weed 420 lsd stay high electronic experimental
~ Saturday, June 25 ~

Dam-Funk - Mirrors

Another fucking awesome tune.

Tags: dam-funk mirrors funk african american electronic idm art fuck synth synthesizer
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