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~ Tuesday, August 7 ~

Black Lips - M.I.A.

Am I in my mind or am I M.I.A?
Am I in my soul or am I M.I.A?
Am I going the right way in my head?

Tags: black lips M.I.A. flower punk drugs punk high weed marijuana cannabis music fuck yeah psychedelic
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~ Monday, April 9 ~

Foxes in Fiction - 15 Ativan (Song for Erika)

This song is so chill, has an awesome melody to it.

Tags: foxes in fiction chillwave chill wave beach weed 420 bong bongrip drugs
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~ Monday, December 26 ~

Iron Butterfly - 1969 In A Gadda Da Vida

Havin’ a psychedelic morning.

Tags: psychedelic white rabbit acid lsd mushrooms dmt dimethyltryptamine stoned weed bong drugs doobie jefferson airplane led zepplin old school old school video effects chill groove funk peace 1960s acid test
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~ Tuesday, June 28 ~

The Centurians - Bullwinkle Part II

sounds from pulp fiction, the scene where Vincent (john travolta) is high on heroin, cruisin’ in his car.

Tags: bullwinkle bullwinkle part 2 bullwinkle part ii cruisin drugs heroin john travolta pulp fiction surf rock the centurians rock
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